Postdoc USA 2001 - 2002

Eastern coast
Horseshoe crab spawning
Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge
On these pages I have put some pictures from my stay in the USA in 2001-2002, when I worked as a postdoc at Johns Hopkins University for one year. My Dr. scient. co-supervisor at NTNU, professor Rolf Arvid Andersen, asked his old friend and collaborator professor P.C. Huang at the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, if he could arrange a postdoc stay for me, and professor Huang kindly did so. The subpage Baltimore shows some pictures from this city located next to the Chesapeake Bay north of Washington DC. I visited many wildlife reserves in Maryland and along the Eastern coast, and some pictures from these are shown in the subpage Eastern coast. Of special interest in the region for wildlife enthusiasts is the Atlantic horseshoe crab spawning which happen each spring in the Delaware Bay. These living fossils are very fascinating, and also important for medical reasons. The yearly spawning also attracts scores of shorebirds that depends on their nutritious eggs.

Homewood team

The team at Homewood campus, including my host P.C. Final lunch in Charles Village


Johns Hopkins University

Johns Hopkins University, Homewood campus


Means of traveling, the Honda Accord let me visit 34 US states in 2001-2002. And stopped only once, due to a flat battery, in Canada of all places! Here parked at Homewood campus. So far I have visited 37 states (2012) in total (missing states in white).