Southern Africa 2015 - Bird checklist



In total, I saw more than 150 species of birds in Northern Botswana and in South Africa. With the help of the guide and my own photos, at least 156 could be named. These are listed below. I certainly saw more species, but will not list birds with unsure ID.




Row # Species Location First seen
1 Common Ostrich Savuti, Chobe, Cape Point Reserve 15.aug.15
2 White-faced Whistling-Duck Chobe National Park 19.aug.15
3 Egyptian Goose Moremi, Khwai, Savuti, Chobe, Cape Peninsula 11.aug.15
4 Spur-winged Goose Chobe National Park 12.aug.15
5 African Pygmy-Goose Moremi, Khwai 12.aug.15
6 Red-billed Duck Chobe National Park 18.aug.15
7 Helmeted Guineafowl Moremi, Khwai, Savuti, Chobe, Cape Peninsula 12.aug.15
8 Red-billed Francolin Moremi, Khwai, Savuti, Chobe 12.aug.15
9 Swainson's Francolin Moremi, Savuti 11.aug.15
10 Crested Francolin Khwai, Savuti 15.aug.15
11 Ring-necked Dove Moremi Game Reserve 12.aug.15
12 Laughing Dove Moremi, Savuti 12.aug.15
13 Emerald-spotted Wood-Dove Moremi Game Reserve 11.aug.15
14 Namaqua Dove Moremi, Chobe 12.aug.15
15 Yellow-throated Sandgrouse Chobe National Park 18.aug.15
16 Double-banded Sandgrouse Moremi, Savuti 11.aug.15
17 Burchell's Sandgrouse Chobe National Park 19.aug.15
18 Kori Bustard Moremi, Khwai, Savuti, Chobe 13.aug.15
19 Red-crested Bustard Moremi, Khwai, Savuti, Chobe 12.aug.15
20 Northern Black Korhaan / White-quilled Bustard Savuti 17.aug.15
21 Gray Go-away-bird Moremi, Chobe 11.aug.15
22 Senegal Coucal Khwai Concession 14.aug.15
23 Coppery-tailed Coucal Khwai Concession 14.aug.15
24 White-browed Coucal Moremi, Khwai 12.aug.15
25 Fiery-necked Nightjar Savuti 16.aug.15
26 Black Crake Moremi Game Reserve 12.aug.15
27 Wattled Crane Moremi Game Reserve 11.aug.15
28 Black-winged Stilt Moremi, Khwai, Chobe 11.aug.15
29 Long-toed Lapwing Khwai, Savuti 13.aug.15
30 Blacksmith Lapwing Moremi, Khwai, Savuti, Chobe 11.aug.15
31 Crowned Lapwing Savuti, Chobe 19.aug.15
32 Wattled Lapwing Moremi Game Reserve 11.aug.15
33 Kittlitz's Plover Chobe National Park 19.aug.15
34 Three-banded Plover Moremi Game Reserve 11.aug.15
35 African Jacana Moremi, Khwai, Savuti, Chobe 11.aug.15
36 Wood Sandpiper Moremi, Chobe National Park 11.aug.15
37 Gray-hooded Gull Chobe National Park 19.aug.15
38 African Skimmer Chobe National Park 19.aug.15
39 African Openbill Khwai, Savuti, Chobe 13.aug.15
40 Saddle-billed Stork Moremi Game Reserve 11.aug.15
41 Marabou Stork Moremi, Chobe 19.aug.15
42 Yellow-billed Stork Moremi, Chobe 19.aug.15
43 African Darter Moremi, Khwai, Chobe 19.aug.15
44 Long-tailed Cormorant Chobe National Park 19.aug.15
45 Great Cormorant Moremi, Khwai, Chobe 19.aug.15
46 Hamerkop Khwai Concession 13.aug.15
47 Gray Heron Moremi, Khwai, Savuti, Chobe 11.aug.15
48 Goliath Heron Khwai Concession 14.aug.15
49 Great Egret Khwai, Chobe National Park 11.aug.15
50 Intermediate Egret Moremi Game Reserve 11.aug.15
51 Little Egret Chobe National Park 18.aug.15
52 Slaty Egret Moremi Game Reserve 11.aug.15
53 Black Heron Moremi Game Reserve 12.aug.15
54 Cattle Egret Khwai Concession 14.aug.15
55 Squacco Heron Khwai, Chobe National Park 14.aug.15
56 Rufous-bellied Heron Moremi Game Reserve 11.aug.15
57 Striated Heron Chobe National Park 19.aug.15
58 Glossy Ibis Moremi, Chobe 12.aug.15
59 African Sacred Ibis Khwai Concession 13.aug.15
60 African Spoonbill Chobe National Park 19.aug.15
61 Secretarybird Savuti 17.aug.15
62 African Harrier-Hawk Chobe National Park 18.aug.15
63 White-headed Vulture Chobe National Park 19.aug.15
64 Lappet-faced Vulture Chobe National Park 19.aug.15
65 Hooded Vulture Moremi Game Reserve 12.aug.15
66 White-backed Vulture Moremi, Khwai, Savuti, Chobe 11.aug.15
67 Bateleur Khwai, Savuti 16.aug.15
68 Black-chested Snake-Eagle Savuti, Chobe 16.aug.15
69 Brown Snake-Eagle Savuti 17.aug.15
70 Tawny Eagle Moremi, Khwai, Savuti, Chobe 12.aug.15
71 African Hawk-Eagle Khwai, Savuti 12.aug.15
72 African Marsh-Harrier Moremi Game Reserve 12.aug.15
73 Black Kite Chobe National Park 18.aug.15
74 African Fish-Eagle Moremi, Khwai, Savuti, Chobe 12.aug.15
75 Verreaux's Eagle-Owl Khwai, Savuti 13.aug.15
76 Pearl-spotted Owlet Chobe National Park 19.aug.15
77 Eurasian Hoopoe Moremi Game Reserve 12.aug.15
78 Green Woodhoopoe Khwai Concession 15.aug.15
79 Southern Ground-Hornbill Moremi, Khwai, Savuti, Chobe 12.aug.15
80 Bradfield's Hornbill Savuti 15.aug.15
81 African Gray Hornbill Savuti 18.aug.15
82 Southern Yellow-billed Hornbill Moremi, Savuti, Chobe 12.aug.15
83 Southern Red-billed Hornbill Moremi, Khwai, Savuti, Chobe 10.aug.15
84 Half-collared Kingfisher Chobe National Park 19.aug.15
85 Malachite Kingfisher Khwai Concession 14.aug.15
86 Striped Kingfisher Moremi Game Reserve 11.aug.15
87 Pied Kingfisher Moremi, Khwai, Savuti, Chobe 12.aug.15
88 White-fronted Bee-eater Chobe National Park 19.aug.15
89 Little Bee-eater Moremi, Khwai, Savuti 12.aug.15
90 Swallow-tailed Bee-eater Chobe National Park 19.aug.15
91 Southern Carmine Bee-eater Chobe National Park 18.aug.15
92 Lilac-breasted Roller Moremi, Khwai, Savuti, Chobe 12.aug.15
93 Rufous-crowned Roller Chobe National Park 19.aug.15
94 Black-collared Barbet Moremi Game Reserve 11.aug.15
95 Cardinal Woodpecker Khwai Concession 15.aug.15
96 Bennett's Woodpecker Moremi Game Reserve 12.aug.15
97 Golden-tailed Woodpecker Moremi Game Reserve 11.aug.15
98 Meyer's Parrot Khwai Concession 13.aug.15
99 African Black-headed Oriole Moremi Game Reserve 11.aug.15
100 White Helmetshrike Savuti 16.aug.15
101 Black-backed Puffback Khwai, Savuti 15.aug.15
102 Tropical Boubou Chobe National Park 20.aug.15
103 Fork-tailed Drongo Moremi, Khwai, Savuti, Chobe 10.aug.15
104 Southern Fiscal Chobe National Park 18.aug.15
105 Magpie Shrike Moremi, Khwai, Savuti 15.aug.15
106 White-crowned Shrike Savuti 16.aug.15
107 Tawny-flanked Prinia Chobe National Park 19.aug.15
108 African Reed Warbler Chobe National Park 19.aug.15
109 Lesser Striped Swallow Savuti 17.aug.15
110 Yellow-bellied Greenbul Kasane 07.aug.04
111 Common Bulbul Chobe National Park 19.aug.15
112 Hartlaub's Babbler Savuti 17.aug.15
113 Southern Pied-Babbler Khwai Concession 15.aug.15
114 Arrow-marked Babbler Khwai, Chobe 11.aug.15
115 Red-billed Oxpecker Moremi, Khwai, Savuti 10.aug.15
116 Yellow-billed Oxpecker Moremi, Khwai, Savuti, Chobe 13.aug.15
117 Wattled Starling Moremi Game Reserve 11.aug.15
118 Burchell's Starling Moremi Game Reserve 11.aug.15
119 Meves's Starling Moremi, Khwai, Savuti 12.aug.15
120 Greater Blue-eared Starling Moremi, Khwai 11.aug.15
121 White-browed Robin-Chat Chobe National Park 20.aug.15
122 Southern Anteater-Chat Khwai Concession 13.aug.15
123 Arnot's Chat Khwai Concession 14.aug.15
124 Scarlet-chested Sunbird Chobe National Park 20.aug.15
125 White-breasted Sunbird Chobe National Park 19.aug.15
126 Red-billed Buffalo-Weaver Chobe National Park 18.aug.15
127 White-browed Sparrow-Weaver Khwai Concession 14.aug.15
128 Southern Masked-Weaver Savuti 16.aug.15
129 Village Weaver Savuti 17.aug.15
130 Red-billed Quelea Moremi Game Reserve 11.aug.15
131 Southern Cordonbleu Chobe National Park 20.aug.15
132 Southern Gray-headed Sparrow Khwai, Savuti 14.aug.15
133 African Pied Wagtail Chobe National Park 19.aug.15
134 Yellow Canary Savuti 16.aug.15
South Africa
Row # Species Location First seen
Common Ostrich Cape Point 24.aug.15
Egyptian Goose Simon's Town 24.aug.15
Helmeted Guineafowl Cape Point 24.aug.15
135 Cape Francolin Cape Point 24.aug.15
Rock Pigeon Simon's Town 22.aug.15
136 Speckled Pigeon Johannesburg 10.aug.15
Ring-necked Dove Johannesburg 10.aug.15
Laughing Dove Johannesburg 10.aug.15
137 African Oystercatcher Simon's Town 21.aug.15
138 South Polar Skua Seal Island 23.aug.15
139 Hartlaub's Gull Simon's Town 21.aug.15
140 Kelp Gull Simon's Town 21.aug.15
141 African Penguin Simon's Town 23.aug.15
142 Cape Gannet Cape Point 24.aug.15
143 Crowned Cormorant Simon's Town 24.aug.15
Great Cormorant Simon's Town 21.aug.15
144 Cape Cormorant Seal Island 23.aug.15
145 Bank Cormorant Seal Island 23.aug.15
African Sacred Ibis Cape Point 24.aug.15
Hadada Ibis Johannesburg 10.aug.15
146 Cape Crow Simon's Town 21.aug.15
147 Pied Crow Simon's Town 24.aug.15
148 Karoo Prinia Cape Point 24.aug.15
149 Cape White-eye Simon's Town 24.aug.15
150 Common Myna Johannesburg 09.aug.15
151 Red-winged Starling Simon's Town 21.aug.15
152 Cape Robin-Chat Simon's Town 21.aug.15
153 Southern Double-collared Sunbird Cape Point 24.aug.15
154 Southern Masked-Weaver Johannesburg 10.aug.15
155 Cape Wagtail Simon's Town 24.aug.15
156 Cape Bunting Cape Point 24.aug.15