Tanzania 2007 safari impressions


Here are some photos from a trip to Northern Tanzania in 2007. Overall, the 14 days safari was great, and much better in terms of observed wildlife than my 2004 safari in Southern Africa.

After some initial failures to communicate, I got along well enough with the guide and the cook. I even managed to help the cook become a safari guide after returning home. At his request, I wrote him a recommendation letter before leaving Arusha. After returning home, he sent me an email, and told me, based on my recommendation and one recommendation by a Danish guy, he got certified to operate as a safari guide. This of course was a big step up for him, because the safari guides and drivers were kind of "king of the road" in Tanzania. All in all, and after having visited Kenya again in 2010, I think the people of Tanzania are among the nicest and most friendly in Africa. The guide played songs by Tabu Ley Rochereau all day and all night on the car stereo. When setting up camp, he always played the same song. So, whenever I think about my 2007 Tanzania trip, I imagine hearing the song "Ibeba" by the great Tabu Ley. During my 14 days in Northern Tanzania, I guess I heard the song playing at least 50 times.



Pelicans and hippos at Lake Manyara National Park


Toward Lake Natron

Lake Natron and Lengai mountain


At Lake Natron campsite

Ngare Sero River trail, Lake Natron area


Old human rock shelter. Walking the Ngare Sero River trail with Peter, the maasai guide

The crew, the cook (left) and one driver/guide (right)


Maasai's fetching water

Lake Natron


Partly dried-out Lake Natron

Village in northern Tanzania, between Lake Natron and Serengeti NP


Shepherds. This strech of "road" was rather rough

Dry landscape


Vervet monkey youngster


The great migration in Northern Serengeti, an impressive view


Dinner at the campsite in Serengeti, Nyani Camp Site at Seronera

Very basic accomodation, here at the Lake Natron Campsite


Here Camping at the Serengeti Stop-Over Logde, near the western Serengeti Ndabake Gate

Roof hatch wildlife watching


Safari congestion

The cook in action, all food were made on charcoal


Fishermen at Lake Victoria

Safari gear, here at Serengeti Stop-Over Logde


Refreshment, a tusker for me, city of Lamadi next to Lake Victoria

Overview of the Ngorongoro crater


Ngorongoro campsite, at the rim of the vulcano

The Grumeti River in Serengeti


Lamadi Beach Hotel, yeah ...

The witchdoctor, he was good predicting my future, I must admit


Acacia tree

Hadzabe bushmen around the campfire early morning


Breakfast, that is ..

I had to try the bushman bow and arrow, without too big success


Bushman landscape north of Lake Eyasi

Sunset at Lake Eyasi


Entertainment at Tarangiri National Park

Typical safari view


Buffalo skull

Olduvai Gorge, one of the most important human fossil sites in Africa. In 1959, Mary Leaky found the Australopithecus boisei (now Paranthropus boisei) at the Frida Leakey Korongo (FLK) site near the red cliffs at the center of the image


The museum at Olduvai Gorge

Homo habilis remains, Olduvai Gorge


Olduvai Gorge