Zanzibar - impressions from a 2007 trip

The sultan himself. The muhammed worshipers ruled Zanzibar until 1963


Dhow in sunset. Ultimate Zanzibar view


Narrow street in Stone Town


Fruit market


One of those Stone Town doors




Forodhani Gardens seafood market, Zanzibar Town


Delicious seafood; squid, octopus crabs ..


Blue marlin surrounded by flies at the fish market in Zanzibar Town

Old and new. The coastal area of Kenya and Tanzania are 90% muslim. The "religion of peace" came to Zanzibar in the 8th century


Food market, Zanzibar Town Food market, Zanzibar Town



Local aquaculture, harvesting mwani or seaweed (Eucheuma sp.)


Havesting seaweed




Mwani (seaweed) harvest


Fishing in the lagoon


Nice, it was 26°C in the water


Mwani (seaweed) harvest


Old wooden arabian dhow in the moonlight


Diving on the reef, at Kichwani spot at Mnemba Island


Check out the color of the water!


Dinner in the boma


Tinga-tinga, popular East-African art


Spice plantation worker


The ultimate spice at the plantation ..