Baltimore 2001-2002

Baltimore harbor area


I lived for one year in Baltimore, situated about 100 km north of Washington DC on the eastern shore of Chesapeake Bay in Maryland. Here are some photos from Baltimore, showing the renewed harbor area popular among the tourists, and impressions from other parts of town. Including Johns Hopkins University where I worked as a postdoc this period. All are scans from old slides, explaining the poor image quality.


"What was I thinking, move to Baltimore?
Oh yeah, the great outdoors!"

Baltimore harbor summertime


Harbour area

Barnes and Noble Bookstore in the old powerplant


Harbor area

The historic warship USS Constellation (1854)


Antilles III. Baltimore harbor was once one of the most important seaports in the USA

St. Paul Street in Northern Baltimore, where I lived


Charles Village in St. Paul Street

Bloomberg_School_Of_Public_Health, Johns Hopkins

Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, now called Bloomberg School of Public Health


Johns Hopkins

South Broadway Street, with the St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church



Fells Point, a popular hangout area in Baltimore with lots of restaurants


Broadway Market in Fells Point

Waterfront Hotel Restaurant - Typical rustic house in Fells Point


Koopers Tavern -Fells Point

Max's on Broadway


Fells Point street

Papermoon Diner, Charles Village


South Broadway corner

Traffic jam in Northern Baltimore


Outdoor musicians in a Baltimore Park

Baltimore rowhouse, the dominating apartment type in large parts of the town


Baltimore rowhouse

Another Baltimore street


Typical Baltimore residence

Main building at Homewood Campus, Johns Hopkins University


Mudd Hall at Homewood Campus, Johns Hopkins University, where I worked

Professor P.-C. Huang, who kindly invited me to and organized my stay at Johns Hopkins University


Professor R.C. Huang, who kindly offered me to work in her lab at Homewood

Accomodation at the Marylander


The Marylander

The lab at Homewood Campus


Pal A. Olsvik

And finally, myself in my small 5th-floor studio apartment at the Marylander