Kenya 2010

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On these pages you will find some photos from a trip to Kenya in October 2010. This was my first visit to Kenya since the infamous field course in ecophysiology we did back in 1994, and my fourth safari in Africa. The main purpose of this trip was wildlife photography, with visits to Masai Mara, Amboseli and Nakuru National Parks as highlights. After spending one week on a "Kenya classic" safari, I flew to Mombasa and stayed there for another week. During that stay, I did an additional 2-day safari in Tsavo East National Park. With the links to the left you will find a selected number of photos of wildlife and some photos from these trips.

All in all it was a nice and interesting journey, and we saw most of the expected wildlife, except the shy and ellusive leopard. Although we had a lazy safari guide speaking bad English who, as a veteran guide for 27 years, was only keen to show his clients elephants and lions. I guess most clients are mainly interested in "big animals", justifying his priorities.


Mara lions

Amboseli elephants