Costa Rica - 2020

Various wildlife
Plants and wildflowers
The trip

In March 2020 I visited Costa Rica. I had a couple of extra weeks of holiday left from 2019, and decided to travel to Costa Rica, a destination I have intended to visit for a long time. The timing was however not optimal, as the corona-virus pandemic exploded across the world just as I left. I booked a trip with an Online company called They suggested, with the help of a local travel agency in San Jose, a photography tour visiting 6 different lodges across Costa Rica with two nights at each lodge. On February 29, I flew to San Jose, and spent the first couple of nights there. At the first hotel, the Hotel Bougainvillea, they had a nice garden which offered a first glance into the rich biodiversity of this tropical country.

Costa Rica as a destination was great. This is one of the more advanced Latin-American countries, with a well-developed infrastructure and tourist industry. All people I met were friendly, and the tour went as planned (except a few transit hiccups). Wildlife-wise the trip also met my expectations, even though I saw fewer bird species than expected. So, all in all, I would recommend Costa Rica for everyone interested in bird and wildlife photography.


Red-eyed Tree Frog


Chestnut-mandibled Toucan


Golden-mantled Howler Monkey