Katmai National Park - June 2014

Day-trips to Katmai National Park (NP) from Homer and Kenai are all about brown bears. This page therefore mainly contains photos of bears. I visited Hallo Bay on a 7-hours long trip from Homer. The pilot landed on the shore, and we walked around the meadows looking for bears for 3 hours. Luckily it was not raining, as it was quite wet the day before. The very small Cessna plane took only 5 passengers. We saw lots of bears there, making the trip a success. As the salmon run had not yet started, the bears were eating grass in the meadows or looking for clams on the beach. Hallo Bay resembles what Timothy Treadwell (the Grizzly Man) called "The Grizzly Sanctuary", where he spent most of his summers in Katmai NP, and lies about 25 km north of Kaflia Bay ("The Grizzly Maze"), where he and his girlfriend were killed and eaten by a 450 kg (1000 lbs) boar bear in October 2003.

Because their diet partly consists of nutritious salmon, the coastal brown bears in Katmai NP are much larger than the bears in Denali NP. Male bears in Katmai NP typically grow to 450 kg, or almost twice the size of typical inland bears in Alaska and the lower states or brown bears found in Northern Europe. Even so, they dwarf the bears of Kodiak Island, just south of Katmai NP. Kodiak Island boars can weigh as much as 680 kg (1500 lbs), and are only slightly smaller than the polar bear.


Female Brown Bear (Ursus arctos) in the meadow

Brown Bear sow - no salmon yet


Male Bear (boar), weighing around 400 kg (estimate by the guide). This one was walking just a few meters past us

Brown Bear sow


"The boss"

Sow with three cubs searching for clams on the beach


Female bear with cubs

Nursing the small ones


Brown bear in the meadows of Hallo Bay, Katmai NP

Hallo Bay meadow


Hallo Bay landscape

Whats up?


Life is good in bear country

Resting in the river


Two-colored bear

Taking' a nap


Eating all that grass takes its toll ...

Lunch among bears (lunch i det grønne)


Massive bear tracks

Walkabout in Hallo Bay


More bears at Hallo Bay

Katmai NP glacier


Katmai NP landscape seen from the plane

The bush-pilots were cleaver landing their planes on the beach


The bush-pilots were cleaver landing their planes on the beach

The Cessna plane was really tiny. The touch-down on the beach in Hallo Bay was impressive!


Bush plane

Professional filmmakers


Hallo Bay bear watching

The pilot and guide from Alaska Bear Adventure, Homer


Small plane!