Kenya 2010 - Safari Trip



After arriving at Kenyatta International Airport, I was picked up and transfered to the Safari Park Hotel. The next morning we left for Masai Mara National Reserve, travellng through Kenya's fertile highlands and heading down the Rift Escarpment and the Valley to Narok. After lunch and an evening game drive, overnight was spent at the Mara Sopa Lodge, situated in the Oloolaimutia Valley and built into the surrounding hillside landscape. After dark, the lodge fed wild animals kitchen leftovers, allowing guest to watch from an overlook. Day 3 was spent in Masai Mara National Reserve, with early morning and afternoon game drives. On day 4 we left Masai Mara and headed for Lake Nakuru, traveling across the ‘breadbasket" of Kenya and the floor of the Rift Valley. We stayed at Lake Nakuru Lodge in Nakuru National Park, and had one evening game drive the first night, and one the next morning.

Day 5 we left the Rift Valley behind, and continued towards Nairobi and then headed south towards Amboseli. Then proceeded with an afternoon game drive in the park enroute to the Amboseli Sopa Lodge. Amboseli Sopa Lodge is set on 200 acres of private land on the foothills of Africa’s highest mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro. The lodge is close to where Ernest Hemingway lived whilst writing his famous novel, "The Snows of Kilimanjaro". On day 6 we spent in Amboseli National Park, with morning and afternoon game drives. On day 7 we departed Amboseli and headed west to the colourful border town of Namanga and ultimately the JKIA airport and the flight to Mombasa.

After a couple of booring days at the Bamburi Beach Hotel north of Mombasa, I booked another 2-day trip to Tsavo East National Park. Here I spent the night at the Ngutuni Lodge just outside the park.




Masai Mara National Park

Rift Valley


Masai dance

Dirt road traveling


Maasai boma enroute to Masai Mara

Scavengers waiting at the lion kill


Many stops at various curio shops so that the guides can collect their share ...

View from the safari minibus


Wrecked car - Pollman's gathering

Masai Mara Sopa Lodge


Lake Nakuru NP entrance gate

Evening Masai show at Lake Nakuru Lodge


Evening Masai show at Lake Nakuru Lodge

Flamingos, Lake Nakuru


Lake Nakuru Lodge, 2010

Dinner at Lake Nakuru Lodge


The travel company, an Irish honeymooning couple, and a Dutch couple, here at Amboseli NP

Nairobi congestion


View from the balcony at Lake Nakuru Lodge

Amboseli National Park



Amboseli Sopa Lodge


Amboseli Sopa Lodge

Baobab tree


Peak east of Kilimanjaro

Donkey express on the European Union built highway


Ostrich in Amboseli

Hemingway's cabin, where he wrote "The snows of Kilimanjaro"


Inside the current version of Hemingway's cabin

Ngutuni Lodge outside Tsavo East National Park


Another puncture

Cape Buffalos in Tsavo


Buffalos at sunset, Tsavo East, Kenya

Zebra, Tsavo East, Kenya


Is this Obama's famous birthplace? Road sign in Tsavo East, Kenya

White-bellied Go-away-bird


Common Waterbuck

Tsavo East National Park


Masai Giraffe in Tsavo

African Cape Buffalo


Baby Baboon

Roadside women in Mombasa


Mombasa traffic

And finally, the holding animals section - here two croc babies, in Mombasa


Baby African Rock Python