A 2013 "heavy metal" trip to Northern Norway
Some photos from a travel to Northern Norway in the summer of 2013. Since I am interested in the environmental effects of the mining industry, I visited some relevant locations in Central and Northern Norway. Due to bad weather, Bleikvassli was a missed opportunity, but I managed to visit Skorovass Gruver in Nord-Trøndelag, Rana Gruber and Sulithjelma Gruver (extremely rainy) in Nordland, and the site of the planned mining activity in Repparfjord in Kvalsund, Finnmark (Nussir, were they have discovered a massive copper ore), and finally Sydvaranger Gruver in Sør-Varanger in Eastern Finnmark. All in all, a well-destined "heavy metal" trip !



Skorovass Gruver, Skorovatn, Namsskogan, Nord-Trøndelag. Copper-sulfide mine, operative from 1952 to 1984


Skorovass Gruber, Nord-Trøndelag, iron tailings

Rana Gruber, Mo i Rana, Nordland, used to ship iron ore to the Norwegian Iron Work (Norsk Jernverk). Today this is Mo Industripark


Ranfjorden, Mo i Rana, Still heavily polluted

Engabreen, part of the Svartisen Glacier, Nordland


Saltstraumen, Nordland

Sulitjelma mining equipment (2003)


Jakobsbakken mine shaft, Sulitjelma (2003)

Ågskardet, Meløy, Nordland


Sulitjelma, Loamejávrre, Nordland

Sulitjelma, Loamejávrre (Låmivatnet), Nordland. Wet experience! Planned to visit the mining area, Sulitjelma Gruber, but cancelled it due to the crappy weather


Andøya, Nordland

M/S Reine Whale safari from Andenes. With a lot of puking, seasick foreigners!



Day 5, and finally some sunny weather! Here some Honda Accord off-roading..


Northern Gentian - bleiksøte (Gentiana affinis), Talvik, Alta, Finnmark

Photographing Northern Gentian, Talvik, Alta, Finnmark


Kvalsund, Finnmark

Repparfjord, Kvalsund, Finnmark. The site for the controversial sea tailing placement from the planned Nussir copper mine


Harbor area for Nussir in Repparfjord

Camping in Bakfjorden, Måsøy, Finnmark


Wild Chives - sibirgrasløk (Allium schoenoprasum ssp. sibiricum), Porsangerfjorden, Lakselv, Finnmark

Gjesvær, Nordkapp, Finnmark



Boat trip to Gjesværstappan, Nordkapp



Large Pink - silkenellik (Dianthus superbus), Porsangerfjorden, Lakselv, Finnmark


Moor-king - kongsspir (Pedicularis sceptrum-carolinum), Børselv, Lakselv

Bakfjorden, Måsøy


The Coastal Express, Honningsvåg, Finnmark

Dried cod, Honningsvåg


Nordkapp, northernmost point in mainland Europe

Tana River, Tana, Finnmark. The site for the ice-brigde across the Tana River during winter


Tana River

Arctic fog, Nesseby, Finnmark


Wild Thyme - tanatimian (Thymus serpyllum ssp. tanaensis), Tana River

Watching birds and whales in Varangerfjorden, east of Ekkerøy, Vadsø


Sand dunes at Komagvær, Vardø, Finnmark

Persfjord, Vardø


Road to Hamningberg, Vardø

Hamningberg, Båtsfjord


Barvikmyra, Vardø

Long-bracted Green Orchid - grønnkurle (Coeloglossum viride), Sandfjorden, Båtsfjord


Reindeer (Rangifer tarangus)

Valen, Vardø. Some "old" images from this town when I lived there can be seen here


Vardø summer 2013. The controversial Globus II radar (Have Star Radar, important for the US anti-russian ballistic missile defense) in the background



I used to live in this house (in 1995-96). What was I thinking, the great outdoors..

Vardø art


Vardø art

Hornøya, the easternmost place in Norway


Reindeer, Sandfjorden, Båtsfjord

The old Rowan tree (rogn), once the only tree in Vardø municipality, was gone. Vardøhus festning


Vardøhus festning

View of the Barents Sea from Domen, Vardø


Bugøynes, Sør-Varanger, Finnmark

King Crab pods, Kirkenes, Sør-Varanger


This is the border between Norway and Russia (the border runs in the middle of the river). Grense Jakobselv, Sør-Varanger

Marsh Labrador Tea - finnmarkspors (Ledum palustre), Pasvik, Sør-Varanger


Stoat - røyskatt (Mustela erminea), Sør-Varanger

Kong Oscar II kapell, Grense Jakobselv, Sør-Varanger


Nickel, very polluted russian town, from Hill 96, Pasvik, Sør-Varanger

Sydvaranger Gruver, Kirkenes, mining an iron ore and releasing large amounts of chemicals (Magnafloc 1707) into Bøkfjorden


Bøkfjorden, Sør-Varanger, polluted by minig activity

Border control on the Pasvik River, Sør-Varanger


Track towards Treriksrøysa, where Norway, Finland and Russia meet, Pasvik

Skrøytnes, Pasvik, Sør-Varanger