South America 2009





On this page you will find photos from my annual "away-from-Bergen" trip 2009. The aim of the trip this year was to visit the Galápagos islands, during the Darwin year (the year 2009 was the bicentennial of Charles Darwin's birthday (1809) and publication of his most important book "The Origin of Species" (1859)). I therefore booked a cruise with the motorsailor yacht "The Beagle", and sailed around the Galápagos Islands for one week in November 2009. On these pages you will find photos of the wildlife on these fantastic islands in the eastern parts of the Pacific Ocean. Also included here are some photos from mainland Ecuador, where I spent another week and from the Caribbean, where I spent 10 days on Bonaire, one of the ABC Islands just north of Venezuela.


On Espanôla Island with the natives

Charles Darwin


Waved albatross

Galápagos tortoise