Tanzania 2007 - people and cultural impressions

Local artwork


Here I have put some pictures visualizing the country as I experienced it during the journey around in Northern Tanzania in 2007. Photos of tribesmen from the different regions; shepherd Maasai, Sukuma people near Lake Victoria, Ntoki and the Hadzabe bushmen people living in the Lake Eyasi aera. And additional photos showing the amazing nature and the great wildlife in this fantastic country in Eastern Africa. Compared to the boiling pot Kenya, Tanzanians are much more friendly and relaxed.

Pictures from Zanzibar are shown in a separate page.


Dalla-dallas in Arusha


Locals in Arusha


Arusha camera shop. My Nikon D70 broke after about 10 days, so had to try to get it fixed before departing for Zanzibar




Manyara city


Have a banana in Manyara


Maasai cattle


Maasai cattle-herders


Fetching water


Maasai village


Locals in village near Lake Natron


Village near Lake Natron. "Mountain of God" in the background (3,188 m high)


Serengeti steppe


Serengeti kopje


The woman and the stork, Lake Victoria


Traditional fishermens in Lake Victoria


Local fisherman with a Nile Tilapia from Lake Victoria


The daily Nile Tilapia catch


Lake Victoria fishing village street


Local pharmacia in a Sukuma fisherman village next to Lake Victoria


Lamadi, a small town next to Lake Victoria


Lamadi Beach Hotel, yeah !


And here is the Picnic Hotel. Lamadi must be a popular place to spend the vacation


This is the Delux Hotel. Sure :)


Main road between Arusha and Lake Victoria. This is near the Ngorongoro Crater


Maasai boma near the Ngorongoro Crater. This is one that welcome a lot of tourists


Ngorongoro Crater


Tsetse fly trap


Local market near Tarangire National Park


Market near Tarangire National Park


Local market near Tarangire National Park


Kid near Tarangire


Office off the beaten track near Lake Eyasi


Village meeting near Lake Eyasi


Tribe near Lake Eyasi


Goats, near Lake Eyasi


Red onion agriculture near Lake Eyasi


Red onion harvest


Blacksmiths in the Lake Eyasi area, making arrows for the bushmen


Hadzabe blacksmiths


Hadzabe blacksmith tools


Hadzabe poison arrow


Hadzabe-bushmen making fire the traditional way, Lake Eyasi


Lake Eyasi residents


Bushmen high on mariujana dancing for the tourist in the early morning


Hadzabe women