Tanzania trip - 2016

Arriving at Kilimanjaro Airport in the evening, it took about one hour to get through all the hassle. Three booths and one extra luggage security scan later, I was picked up by Tanzania Adventure, and driven to the Oasis Lodge, where I spent the first night. Coincidentally, this was the same company I reveled with on my last visit in 2007. Back then I booked my travel online directly form the Tanzanian company, while this time a Norwegian travel agency helped me with the booking. Strange, since there are virtually hundreds of safari companies in Arusha. Anyway, I got to spend the first night at a lodge where I had been earlier.

The next morning, it took >2 h to drive to the first destination, Tarangire National Park. There we spent about 5 h, before heading for an afternoon drive to Karatu and overnight stay at the Country Lodge. A very nice place indeed, with luxurious rooms and good food. On day two, there was a relatively long drive to Serengeti, where we arrived around lunch-time. After day-time safari drive, we headed towards the Mapito Tented Camp in the afternoon. This afternoon it was raining heavily, and the road was partly flooded. On the mud-track from the main road to the camp-site, the guide struggled a bit with all-wheel skid on the soaked savanna. This camp is situated outside the Serengeti National Park, and to the west of the park. From central Serengeti (Seronera area) to Mapito there is a 2 h drive. It is not optimal to stay that far outside the park. The next morning we started out at 6 o'clock, hoping to see active predators. However, we did not come across any fresh kills that day. So a bit disappointing, but still a great full-day game drive in Serengeti. On the last day in Serengeti, I was a bit reduced due to a troubling stomach, so this was a low day for photography. In the evening, we arrived for overnight at the Rhino Lodge, located on the Ngorongoro Crater rim. The last safari day again so us start early, and we arrived at the crater floor around 7 am. Luckily, because this day we came across a fresh lion kill with the cats still actively feeding. In the afternoon we left the Ngorongoro Conservation Area for a second night at the Country Lodge in Karatu. Finally, on day six the guide drove me to Arusha Domestic Airport for the flight to Dar Es Salaam. Where I was picked up by crew from the Bomani beach Bungalows.

I spent one week at the lodge north of Dar Es Salaam, relaxing after the strenuous safari. All in all a nice 14 days in Tanzania. On this web page I show some impressions from the trip.


Scenic Serengeti

Street in Arusha near Oasis Lodge where I was spending my first night


Arusha street

Interestingly, the roads around Shara are superior to most roads in Norway. Maybe NORAD (=Norwegian taxpayers) or the Chinese has been involved?


Tarangire National Park entrance

Safari photography reality. It is often difficult to obtain good pictures of the animals, as with this dik-dik. Especially from closed safari vehicles. Animals are often hidden in the bush, and once the car stop, it can be next to impossible to get decent photos of the wildlife


Birds are in particular difficult, as they often fly away even before you have time to rise the camera. For example, we saw numerous Pygmy Falcons close by, but I never managed to get a decent photo of the species. This is a Nubian Woodpecker (Campethera nubica)

Tarangire National Park road


Tsetse fly trap near the Tarangire National Park entrance. I was bitten many times by tsetse flies on this trip, particularly in Tarangire NP and around the Mapito Tented Camp in Serengeti NP. Nasty bugs!

Heading toward Serengeti NP, one has to pass the Ngorongoro Conservation Area Entrance


The Crater rim road goes through lush forest

Masai goat herder


Masai goat herder

A Cape Buffalo on the Ngorongoro Crater rim road


Rite of passage. Masai kids with painted face, to become warriors

Masai village in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area


Road work near Serengeti

"The Goal" - Serengeti National Park entrance coming from the Ngorongoro Conservation Area


Serengeti south entrance

Mapito Tented Camp, just outside Serengeti National Park


Mapito Tented Camp, quite luxurious

Mapito Tented Camp, view from inside. Outside was soaking wet, as it had been raining heavily


Having dinner in the Mapito Tented Camp

The safari vehicle, a Toyota Landcruiser


Safari guide, a 20 year veteran on the Northern Circuit

Serengeti road block


Serengeti view - pop-top roof hatch

Heavy November rain in Serengeti National Park


Flooded road in Serengeti National Park

Serengeti Ikoma Entrance Gate at sunrise


At the Ikoma Gate

Seronera picnic area, Serengeti NP


Rain is coming, south of Serengeti

Safari selfie


Crater view

On our way out of the crater


Ngorongoro Crater - View from the eastern rim

Country Lodge room. Relatively high standard, and good food. Spent 2 nights here


Country Lodge, Karatu

Safari summary, at the Country Lodge, Karatu


Local supermarket

Karatu roadside


Near Karatu

Banana business


Traditional hut

These motorcycle taxi's, called bajaj, are very common in Tanzania


On his way to the market

Manyara roadside sale



Arusha Domestic Airport


Zanzibar stopover. Here a mosque from the air

Dar Es Salaam roadside business


Mangrove beach

Local fisherman with dug-out canoe


Another type of boat

On a in the lagoon


On a in the lagoon

Village band


Village band

Bomani village medicine man


Village kids

Bomani village school


Classroom with blackboard

On the way to Sadaani. Here the locals produce charcoal for sale. In Africa, over 80% of the population still depends on firewood and charcoal for cooking


Charcoal delivery. On their way to Dar Es Salaam with charcoal. One bag was worth an estimated 7000 Tanzanian shilling ($3,2), according to my driver

More roadside business north of Bagamoyo


Bagamoyo garage, where we stopped for oil refill

Wami River boat safari pickup site in Saadani National Park


Wami River boat safari

Boat stuck in croc-infested water in Wami River, Sadaani National Park. Understandably, the guides were nervous jumping into the river to help push the boat free


Wami River mangrove roots

Wami River outlet into the Indian Ocean


Wami River outlet