Southeastern USA - 2019

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In May 2019 I spent 10 days driving around in Southeastern USA. I rented a car in Charleston in South Carolina, drove south through Georgia, and delivered the car in Miami, Florida. After visiting the region in December 2001, I wanted to revisit the area in the green season (and when the bugs are out in numbers...) and with a decent camera. On this page I show some impressions from the three states.

In December 2001 I saw a lots of bird species in Georgia and Florida, many of them migrants from the north, spending the cold winter months in the tropical south. In terms of number of bird species seen, this trip was a bit disappointing. Many birds I encountered were also relatively skittish, probably due to breeding, so in terms of photography the trip was a small disappointment. But luckily, I came across some Florida specialties such as the Black Skimmer and Roseate Spoonbill. To the left you will find pages with photos of dragonflies (they were numerous in May), birds, other wildlife, and some impressions from the trip.

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Great Egret and Roseate Spoonbill