Rio de Janeiro - Brazil 2005
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What is all this fuzz about Brazil? I'm no expert on this country, but Brazil lives. With rich and wasted people, next to the extremely poor living in the Favelas. Many live on the brink of extinction. Together these facts make this country so colorful.

And of course, Rio de Janeiro is a very beautiful city, with the blue ocean, white beaches and green mountains. It is probably one of the most scenic big cities of the world. Dangerous also, with all the crime.


View from Corcovado against Sugar Loaf Mountain, Rio de Janeiro



On Corcovado, with lots of tourists

A bunch of pale Norwegians: Ola, Erlend, Bjørn, Øyvind, Eiliv, Sindre, Åsa and Pål


View from Sugar Loaf Mountain

Sugar Loaf Mountain


Black vulture

Magnificent frigatebird


Sunrise swim at Copacabana

Did somebody just die?


Sunrise over Rio


Parque Nacional da Tijuca

Parque Nacional da Tijuca